Venice Florida Comfort Food restaurant - best comfort food on the gulf coast serving beer, wine and specialty drinks.
Friday, May 24, 2019
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The History Behind the Concept

The Living Room Venice was created to bring together the idea that Eating, Drinking and Relaxing can be accomplished in one venue.

The goal was - to bring homemade comfort food to the public in an environment that feels like home. After a year of discussing and creating a branding that seemed to encompass this vision - the proprietors began to think about a menu that would meet an undiscovered need in the Gulf Coast area. What better way to share their lives with you than to share recipes that have engulfed their lives over the decades. Whether these dishes were served during holidays or as a regular staple on the dinner table, all of the menu items at one time or another have been served with love by their families and friends. It is the Living Room's goal to share these recipes with you with the same love and pride that our families shared them with us.

What makes us different than other restaurants? The key is freshness  - that is, none of our items are frozen - they are made fresh daily and are designed to provide you with a nostalgic or sentimental feeling that enables you to revisit days past. Whether it's our Sheppard's Pie, Mac N Cheese or Sausage N Peppers - our goal is to bring the comfort food that is remeniscent to all - back to the dinner table. 

Our restaurant has been carefully designed to meet our branding motto of Eat, Drink and Relax. Our restaurant boasts a wonderful seating area that makes you feel at home while you enjoy our menu. Our bar is inviting and offers a variety of beer and wine and specialty drinks made from Saki. Our living room area provides the perfect location to relax on plush couches and enjoy our fare and libations in a more close to home environment.

We at the Living Room were all raised with the love of food. Our families taught us that with food comes an abundance of love and the beginning of new friendships and the rekindling of old. This environment is condusive to our main goal - to make new friends feel welcome, to embrace friends from the past and to make everyone feel as welcome as they feel at home. We look forward to welcoming you to the Living Room and serving you the best and freshest comfort food the gulf coast has to offer.

2357 S. Tamiami Trail, Venice FL 34293            Tel. 941.244.2834